The Weather is Starting to Turn…

…and with it comes the start of my favourite time of year.

I really do think that November and December are some of the best times of the year. Perhaps it’s because I love gray skies and wearing sweaters and when it starts to get cold (but not unbearably cold). But I think it’s also because the weather sets the perfect tone for some of my favourite indie rock.

To this day I’m still surprised The National chose to release “Trouble Will Find Me” in the summer because to me, their music is met for the late fall and early winter (it’s still a great record, though). Overcast skies put me in an introspective and introverted mood, and listening to Matt Berninger brood about lost love and falling into adulthood is always a perfect soundtrack for a morning cup of coffee, a rainy drive to work or a walk to class while the dead leaves blow across the brick paths.

Interpol is also a great choice, especially their record “Our Love to Admire.” Granted, I do prefer “Antics” and “Turn On The Bright Lights,” but moments on OLTA like “The Scale,” “Pioneer to the Falls,” “Rest my Chemistry,” and “The Heinrich Maneuver” always feed into that dimly lit nightclub persona Interpol always embodied with their tuxedos and twisted lyrical narratives (and, OLTA was the last record with Carlos D, a true musical mastermind).

I also find myself listening to older Decembrists tunes as well, and usually end up calling to mind a vivid memory of my friend and I driving around the state park near our hometown, a dreary and damp day stretching before us, while “The Crane Wife 3” played in the background, making the scene absolutely beautiful.

Of course there has to be some symphonic soundscape rock with Arcade Fire, usually in the form of Neighborhood 1, 2 and 3 from “Funeral” and “My Body is a Cage”(actually one of my favourite songs of all time) from “Neon Bible.”

Weather sets the scene to the day, and finding a great soundtrack for it is one of my favourite parts about late fall and early winter.

What are your favourite songs for this time of the year? As always, thanks for reading, and God bless.


A New Spin

Greetings, and welcome to the inaugural post of Turntable Talk. Pardon the pun in the title; as an English student I’m a bit of a word nerd.

I’ll be using this blog primarily to discuss/ponder this elusive thing we call indie/alternative rock. A solid bit of my time goes towards listening to sonic jams/purchasing new records for my two turntables/frequenting concerts, and I’m ready to share my musings on the subject matter with fellow music nerds.

Also, as a writer, I figure I should devote a portion of my time to recreational writing and why not make it about the thing that gives me such joy? And, I’m always up to talk tunes both new and old, so feedback is always welcome.

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me until the end of this first post! Can’t wait to see you come the next one.

Have a great evening, and God bless. A.L.D, signing off.