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For those who use Spotify on their laptop or phone, I’m looking for some new friends to share playlists and songs with. I’m almost always using the app, whether while editing for class, while doing research and sending emails at work, or at the gym or cleaning around the house. 

My username is aldavies-us and I use the same profile picture on there as I do on here.

I hope to soon be sharing tunes with you. And I hope your spring is going beautifully, and if you’re a student like me, it’ll all be over within a few weeks.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.


The Fitness Playlist Part 2

Last year/semester I did a post about my fitness playlist I listen to while working out at school. In honor of the Spring 2017 semester starting, here is another playlist I’ve been jamming to and adding to while working out at home over my Winter Break.

  1. My Type/Saint Motel
  2. The House That Heaven Built/Japandroids
  3. WOW/Beck
  4. Radio/Sylvan Esso
  5. Life Itself/Glass Animals
  6. Sick Beat/Kero Kero Bonito
  7. Don’t Save Me/HAIM
  8. Bury It/CHVRCHES
  9. Girls Like You/The Naked and Famous
  10. Beast Monster Thing (Love isn’t Love Enough)/Car Seat Headrest
  11. Wolves (You’ve Got Me)/DREAMERS
  12. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie/Red Hot Chili Peppers
  13. Express Yourself/N.W.A.
  14. Frontier Psychiatrist/The Avalanches
  15. Black Francis/The Orwells
  16. Never Be Mine/Angel Olsen
  17. To Know You/Wild Nothing
  18. Boys Life/Small Black
  19. Face Down in the Gutter of Your Love/Dent May
  20. Get Innocuous!/LCD Soundsystem

For a playlist containing these songs and more, follow me on Spotify and check out my playlist titled “time4coolstuff.” My username is aldavies-us.

For those who are headed back to school like myself, best of luck in your semester and I hope you are successful in all your involvements.

As always, thank you for reading, and God bless.


The Fitness Playlist

Greetings, friends. If you read my blog you may know that I am a current student, and therefore sometimes school makes me feel like I am losing my marbles.

One of the ways I’ve been dealing with my stress levels lately is establishing a routine of going to the gym at least twice a week for an hour or so, and working out until I start to feel more calm. Not only is this healthier than locking myself in my room and dwelling on the influx of assignments I’m plowing through, but it’s also a productive way to stay in shape.

I always listen to music while working out, and generally rely on the “shuffle” function on my phone. So, I present to you the playlist of the top-played songs my phone generates from my library while I am trying to convince myself to think that running on the treadmill is fun.

A link to the playlist can be found here and the track listing is below.

  1. Run 2/New Order
  2. This Way/Jets Overhead
  3. You Might Think/The Cars
  4. Head Over Heels/Tears for Fears
  5. Short Skirt/Long Jacket/Cake
  6. Smile Like You Mean It/The Killers
  7. Can’t Stop/Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. No New Tale to Tell/Love and Rockets
  9. Ways to Go/Grouplove
  10. Shuffle/Bombay Bicycle Club
  11. Just Another Day/Oingo Boingo
  12. The Suburbs/Arcade Fire
  13. Eye of Fatima, Part 1/Camper Van Beethoven
  14. Supermassive Black Hole/Muse
  15. Calamity Song/The Decemberists
  16. Aberdeen/Cage the Elephant
  17. Whirring/The Joy Formidable
  18. Breathing Underwater/Metric
  19. Drive That Fast/Kitchens of Distinction
  20. Stockholm/New Fast Automatic Daffodils
  21. Sleep Alone/Two Door Cinema Club
  22. Forrest Whitaker/Bad Books
  23. Sixteen Saltines/Jack White
  24. BAGBOY/Pixies
  25. Out of my League/Fitz and the Tantrums
  26. Miracle Mile/Cold War Kids
  27. It’s Alright/Matt and Kim
  28. Tonight You’re Perfect/New Politics
  29. Carried Away/Passion Pit
  30. The Wire/Haim
  31. Keep in the Dark/Temples
  32. All the Rage Back Home/Interpol
  33. Hit Me/The London Suede
  34. What Kind of Man/Florence+The Machine
  35. The Party Line/Belle and Sebastian

A bit extensive this time, yes, but still a pretty good selection (if I do say so myself). Also, I must add, I hope everyone remembers to take care of themselves and deal with their stress levels in healthy ways. Staying on top of tasks is imperative, but physical and mental health are both very important. Keeping yourself healthy and happy makes it easier to accomplish your to-do list, and you deserve to feel your best.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.


Back-to-School Playlist

Greetings, my friends.

In honor of classes starting up tomorrow (at least for me), I have created a playlist for all those headed back to school/high school/college/university/grad school/etc (and even for those out of school who just want to hear some tunes).

The playlist I’ve created is a collection of songs I can remember listening to while on my college search two years ago, as well as a few from my senior year of high school, the summer before I started college. There’s also a few songs out now that, for some reason, I feel fit really well into a playlist about starting a new year of learning more about yourself and your academic studies.

For someone currently in college like myself, this is a crucial time of self-discovery and exploration of different fields. Music (along with my faith) always helps me out and hopefully this playlist will also help you.  You can find it here.

The track listing is:

  1. Mountain at my Gates/Foals
  2. Under the Pressure/The War on Drugs
  3. Hunger of the Pine/Alt-J
  4. Gotta Get Away/The Black Keys
  5. Name on a Matchbook/Springtime Carnivore
  6. Let it Happen/Tame Impala
  7. Pretty Pimpin/Kurt Vile and the Violators
  8. Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins)/Father John Misty
  9. Academic/New Order
  10. FloriDada/Animal Collective
  11. Return to the Moon/EL VY
  12. Shut Up Kiss Me/Angel Olsen
  13. All the Rage Back Home/Interpol
  14. Quartz/TV on the Radio
  15. Going the Distance/Zipper Club

Happy listening and good luck with your educational path!

God bless.


Morning Routine Playlist

Hello hello my friends. This summer I’ve been doing quite a bit of walking each morning in my neighborhood. Partially for fitness, partially to do some brainstorming for a few writing projects, partially to ponder my life decisions and other fun things of that nature, but (and let’s be honest here) mostly to listen to music. Obviously.

And, of course, certain songs are working their way into my usual lineup more than they usually do. Which got me thinking about creating a playlist specifically devoted to my morning stroll and all the fun sights I see (which is usually just a few squirrels and some landscapers and my neighbor’s Yorkie but still, lots of fun sights).

My lineup can be pretty eclectic given what mood I’m in, or what songs have similar tonality to other ones, or wanting to have a good mix of “sad” sounding songs with “happy” sounding songs. Additionally, (as you’ll see by the inclusion of Alex Chilton by The Replacements in my list) while most of the music comes from the past 10-ish years, I don’t generally try to focus on a particular time period. I also don’t try to keep it all “indie” or “alt-rock.” But, I think this makes the playlist I’ve created a unique mix of tunes to start the day with.

So, here it is, my Morning Routine playlist…

  1. Two Weeks-Grizzly Bear
  2. Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales-Car Seat Headrest
  3. Ophelia-The Lumineers
  4. Something to Believe In-Young the Giant
  5. The Oil Slick-Frightened Rabbit
  6. Just One of the Guys-Jenny Lewis
  7. Wednesday Night Melody-Bleached
  8. The Last Thing on My Mind-The Joy Formidable
  9. Put Your Money on Me-The Struts
  10. You Only Live Once-The Strokes
  11. Your Best American Girl-Mitski
  12. Bury It-Chvrches
  13. Alex Chilton-The Replacements
  14. All I Know-Washed Out
  15. Good Grief-Bastille


Thanks for reading. God bless.


19 for 19 Playlist

Yesterday, I turned 19 years old.

While driving around town, “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire came on and it got me thinking of the emotional significance that song, and the entire record, has held for me over the years.

I started to think…what are some other songs that hold significant places in my life? Which bands correlate to certain points in time, and how is it that they still remain some of my favourites to this day?

Well, I may not have an answer for that. But, I can try to compile a list of 19 songs that have shaped my 19 years thus far.

Keep in mind, the “playlist of my life” is far from complete and I doubt it ever will be. I’m sure there are some fantastic songs I’ve loved at some far-off point in time that I’m accidentally excluding from this particular list (if this was a “20 for 20” playlist, “Under the Pressure” by the War on Drugs would surely fill the extra spot. But I have plans for that song on a playlist in the future). This is just my attempt to give a sort of order to some of the most memorable tunes.

And so, without further ado…

The 19 for 19 Playlist:

  1. Zooropa-U2
  2. Velouria-Pixies
  3. The Crane Wife 3-The Decemberists
  4. Ways to Go-Grouplove
  5. The Heinrich Maneuver-Interpol
  6. Class Clown Spots a UFO-Guided by Voices
  7. Austere-The Joy Formidable
  8. Right Before my Eyes-Cage the Elephant
  9. No New Tale to Tell-Love and Rockets
  10. Mistaken for Strangers-The National
  11. Just Another Day-Oingo Boingo
  12. The Perfect Kiss-New Order (Note-Specifically the eight minute version on the “Substance” compilation)
  13. Bigmouth Strikes Again-The Smiths
  14. Hey Bulldog-The Beatles
  15. Icky Thump-White Stripes
  16. Morning Glory-Oasis
  17. Can’t Hardly Wait-The Replacements¬†(Note-Specifically the demo version because that’s the one I listen to the most, though I also quite enjoy the version found on “Pleased to Meet Me”)
  18. Madness-Muse
  19. My Body is a Cage-Arcade Fire


God bless.