Lolla 2k17 in Brief: Day 3

My dad arrived today, so it was wonderful to be sharing the day with him and getting to see his new favourite band together (Glass Animals).

The day started with the most aesthetically pleasing brunch I’ve ever had in my life at The Gage restaurant down the street from the festival. We were mildly obnoxious brunchgoers, still hyped up from that amazing Killers show last night and spontaneously singing their songs.A lovely start to an action packed day. Breakfast is the most important meal, you know. 

Rocking those free Coldplay stickers people were handing out outside of security check.

We hit the ground running today, starting off with The Shelters. What a bunch of emerging rock stars. These guys had it all: a soulful rock sound, righteous dance moves, confident stage presence, the perfect amount of crowd engagement and a sharp sense of style. “Help!” has always been one of my favorite Beatles albums, and these guys manage to update that jangly guitar pop sound of the 60s into the modern day so well.I enjoyed the music almost as much as I enjoyed the frontman’s bright yellow dress shirt.

Chicago skyline looking lovely as ever.

Said it before and I’ll say it again: I love seeing women in the world of indie rock. And that’s what I saw at Alvvays, who were surprisingly loud live. Their sweet and lighthearted demeanor translated very well to the stage, but their stage presence was pretty stoic. It turned out fine though, because they were very sweet and kind with the audience and their music will always be fun to dance to.From listening to these guys’ album every day at my job at school to seeing them live at Lolla!

Glass Animals got the crowd pumped up before they even took the stage by having their crew come out and throw inflatable pineapples at the crowd. What fantastic performers they were! The frontman seemed to be dancing even more than the crowd was to the music, running this way and that and switching from instrument to instrument. It was incredible. You could tell they were just so shocked that so many people had shown up to watch them, and that they’d achieved that much success.Sup, indeed?

Pictured: An attempt to catch on photo just how much dancing was happening at this show.

The Live Photo feature on my iPhone shows this dude jumping into the air right as I took the photo.

Alt-J definitely redeemed themselves in their show today too. They still aren’t the most active on the stage, but their sound was infinitely better and concise. The group sounded a lot tighter, and were able to translate their eclectic alt-rock style that sounds so good through headphones to a big stage almost effortlessly this time. To say I was impressed is an understatement; their light show and technical ability and precision was great.

I was too far back to get a decent stage picture, so here’s a picture of the shoes I wore today (the same Converse I’ve been wearing everywhere since I was about 14).

Well my left hand’s free (I’m mature).

Let it be known that I was once a woman who snapped “Ugh. I hate them” when a housemate and friend asked if I liked Sylvan Esso. I’m happy to say that after tonight, I have QUITE changed my tune. What a great show! They sound the same as they do on their albums, able to translate the bass-heavy techno production to a live stage with a shocking amount of energy and vibrancy. 

Just look at that light show! 

But the highlight of the evening was Mac DeMarco, who is absolutely charming live. Everything about this guy that I loved was confirmed in his live show-beautiful instrumentation and jangly-pop riffs, adorable love songs, a wonderful happy-go-lucky personality and such a laid back, fun-loving fan base. It was just so great to see the music that I used to relax and calm down this past year at school performed live with so many other fans who were just as into it as me. Also, Mac “covering” A Thousand Miles and intentionally doing completely the wrong lyrics while swiging from a bottle of scotch was the highlight of the day.
The one and only Mac instantly captured my heart (he already had done that with his music, but just go with it).

Unfortunately, it’s the last day tomorrow. But so many wonderful bands are in store, let’s not dwell on the negative.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.

-Turntable Talk


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