Lolla 2k17 in Brief: Day Two

Day two, if possible, was even more action packed than day one. And thankfully, I was a bit better rested today than yesterday, so I  feel like I was more present in the action.

A family friend made us these Lollapalooza wristbands to wear along with our passes (and my Timex watch).

Starting the day off was The Districts. What an impressive show! I heard these guys formed in high school, and they’ve kept that same youthful passion and dedication to their craft. They were an honest group; they weren’t trying to be anything but themselves. Through watching them talk to the crowd and each other, they seemed like a really genuine group of humble, talented guys. The quality of musicianship for such a young group was impressive too.Before The Districts took the stage…

…while The Districts were on the stage.

Afternoon in an overcast Chicago.

Next up was Mondo Cozmo. This dude is wonderful! He had a great personality and energy with the crowd. He also genuinely seemed to care about the music he was making, as well as his musical influences. He did a fantastic cover of “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve and seemed like he was doing it to pay tribute to the group. He seemed to be in awe of the ability of the song, not because he was trying to show it off or do it better and glorify his own ability.¬†The frontman of Mondo Cozmo ran around the stage with his guitar, his mic and just himself.

Then came Phantogram. OK. I have never loved these guys on their albums and wrote them off as not my cup of tea. But they kill it live. They’re dance music with a harder edge, combining synthetic production with organic instrumentation and electric stage presence. And it even appeals to someone like me, who’s not big dance music fan. Also, their light show of fuzzy video camera shots of the band and flashing red and silver light fits the vibe perfectly.Hello, Phantogram.

The biggest surprise of the day/evening was Ryan Adams, a rough and tumble Americana rock frontman and his backing band. They make such “watching the sunset on your porch” music. Starting with just some riffs the group would crescendo into beautiful folk rock walls of sound and craft an atmosphere of peace and longing simultaneously. He also sang happy birthday to a fan, which was adorable, and ended the show with a nine-minute song on the spot, having not realize how much time he had on stage. And it was incredible.Watching the sunset, but not on a porch.

But truth be told, I’m so in love with Whitney and everybody who played with them. Covers, new material and a feature from Joey Purp were just a few things that made the 45 minutes of charming indie tunes that were positively endearing so wonderful. It helps they had horns and a string section too, and somehow made music that is so easy to listen to and also so easy to dance to. And the frontman was nothing short of a sweetheart.Whitney not only had a fantastic setlist, but also a lovely light show.

The Killers were a perfect ending to a great day. They played a solid mix of both their new and old hits, ending with classics I used to listen to (seriously) every day of my Sophomore year of high school like “Mr. Brightside” and “All These Things That I’ve Done.”I was pretty far back, but I had to at least try to capture this light show on film. Amazing.

And tomorrow will, I’m sure, hold plenty fantastic moments of music as well, so hopefully I will have even more photos and anecdotes to share.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.

-Turntable Talk


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