Last Post Till Lolla 2017!

Hooray! Through patient weeks of working at the grocery store and procrastinating on things like buying books for class and cleaning, I’ve finally reached the threshold of my Lolla 2017 journey!

I’m headed to spend the night with a family friend before taking off for Chicago on Thursday morning, and I couldn’t be more excited. In just a few mere days, I’ll be in the crowd witnessing the one and only Will Toledo and Car Seat Headrest performing, finally seeing one of the legendary Gallaghers in person, rocking out to another Muse show after four years and just having a fantastic time soaking up four days of music, family and friends.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for daily blog updates and photos! I will post every night before going to bed and look forward to sharing on here.

If you’re also traveling to Lollapalooza this year, I wish you blessings and safe travels.

 As always, thanks for reading and God bless.

-Turntable Talk


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