(Another) Evening with Spoon: Lollapalooza Pre-Party 2017

Spoon didn’t disappoint the other night at our Lollapalooza pre-party, and if anything, they were even better than when I saw them in May. Everyone I went with said they beyond exceeded expectations, and I have to say I agree.

Caught on photo: the exact moment the light show illuminated the entire audience.

The concert ended up having to be inside because of a call for rain, but the venue was set up very similarly to where I last saw the group. I wasn’t as close to the stage this time, but I liked being further back in the crowd and getting to dance around with all the other fans there. 

The stage minutes before Spoon took it.
The band opened with “Do I Have to Talk you Into It” from the new album, starting the show with only their keyboardist on the stage and then coming on after he’d set the tone of the show with a few heavily altered chords.
The gentlemen of the hour.
Britt Daniel was a fantastic frontman yet again, staying humble and thankful but managing to look completely confident and self-assured up on the stage. He sang to audience members during “Don’t Make Me a Target” and mesmerized the crowd during “Hot Thoughts,” and he kept in time with his band through a secret language of looks and nods.

The keyboardist takes the stage to set the tone for the concert with his musical skills.
Despite how synth-heavy their new tracks are, the band managed to stay in perfect sync with each other, ending each song on a sharp and decisive beat and transitioning effortlessly from song to song with few spoken introductions from Daniel.

Daniel and the bassist both played tambourine during the encore of “Pink Up” and stayed completely on-tempo with each other.
Spoon writes some of the most consistent and vibe-heavy music in the indie rock field today, and how easy they are to listen to also makes their shows so easy to enjoy. They don’t write music that’s a challenge to listen to, but instead provides a relaxing and enjoyable sound that translates so very well to a live show. 

Can I sit next to you?
Even the light show, which was relatively simple, did an excellent job of painting the stage in different colours of light to suit the mood of each track. My personal favourite was when the band did “The Underdog” and the stage exploded in yellow and white light, illuminating both the audience and the stage at the most exciting and happy parts of the song. 

The light show helped set the mood for each track and made the band look joyful, playful, ominous or stoic.
All in all, I’m even more excited to see Spoon live and outside at Lolla this year. I think if they’re already bringing the level of excitement, precision and showmanship to shows on tour, the live energy of a festival will be even better.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.

-Turntable Talk


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