My Post-Work Jams

So, time for a fact about me: I’ve been working in a customer service position for nearly four years, and if you’ve ever worked/are currently working in customer service, you know it can be great if you love people, but also a very fast-paced and exhausting job.

During the summer I usually work about four days a week, and afterwards, I always need some quality jams to listen to on my way home. Here’s four that I’ve been digging this summer.

1.) Dig Down-Muse

Right off the bat Muse’s latest single is winning my heart. I think it’s an excellent return to their larger-than-life form, especially since I wasn’t wild about the hair metal and heavy metal inspiration of “Drones.” The choral backing vocals make the singer inside me absolutely delighted. And the lyrics about staying strong in the face of advisory make the tune even more of a big triumphant celebration.

2.) Elevation-U2

My boys. I absolutely love this track. Everything about it is pure fun–the somewhat nonsensical lyrics, the high-reaching vocal refrains, Edge’s righteous power chord solo towards the end, Larry’s percussion and of course, this gem of a music video.

3.) All Around the World-Oasis

This one is generally reserved for when I work until midnight, partially because of the lyrics (“It’s a bit early in the midnight hour for me/To go through all the things that I wanna be”) and partially because the roaring crescendo of horns, guitars, Noel Gallagher’s backing vocals of “NAH nah nah, NAH NAH NAH” and Liam’s signature sneer make this song a 9-and-a-half minute Britpop classic that I want to wake my whole town up to.

4.) Everything Now-Arcade Fire

I don’t want to reveal too much about this track because I’ll surely end up talking about Arcade Fire a lot in my Lolla in Brief posts next month. But the ABBA-flavored piano hooks, the choral breakdown towards the end of the track, the instantly catchy beat and the touches of flute make this new track a groovy pastiche of 70’s disco music, and I dig it.

What are your favorite post-work songs?

Thanks for reading, and God bless.



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