My Car CD Collection: Part 3

Last summer I posted twice about the CDs I’d collected over the school year and accumulated in my car for my driving entertainment.

In May, I took a trip with one of my English classes to England for two weeks, and spent a week of that time in London. While I was there, I stopped by a few secondhand CD stores and stalls in Camden to find some good stuff for my summertime drives.

Here’s the latest additions I picked up there:

1.) Demon Days-Gorillaz

When this album came out I didn’t really know many songs other than “Feel Good Inc.” and “DARE,” but now that I own the whole thing, I have to say it’s nothing short of a trip-hop masterpiece. While I’m probably more of a “Plastic Beach” fan, the sheer amount of creativity and skill it takes to create a Gorillaz album never ceases to amaze me.

2.) Absolution-Muse

I’m a fan of Muse’s take on utopian, dystopian and politically-charged themes in their writing, as well as their larger-than-life symphonic rock ballads. I really enjoy this album because it catches the band right on the brink of going all-in on these musical and lyrical ideas. As a listener, you’re seeing their creative progression and maturity in action as they begin to start experimenting in this direction. (Also, I used to listen to “Hysteria” on max volume on my way to work when I was in high school, and I thought that made me super cool).

3.) Our Love to Admire-Interpol

My mom reads my blog and she couldn’t stop laughing the last time this album was mentioned because I talked about how when I was 10 my dad took her to see the band on this tour instead of me. But if you’d just hear the subtle, sensual and dark direction the band is taking on here, with longer and slower song structures that paint pictures with every gray between black and white, you’d understand my anger.

4.) Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not-Arctic Monkeys

I saw this one and absolutely had to get it! While the direction the band took with “AM” is far from my cup of tea, the gritty roughness, yet somehow controlled and manicured chaos of this album is just the blast of post-punk and garage rock I need every now and again.

Do you own any of these albums? What’s your thoughts on them? What do you like to listen to in your car? Do you have any good recommendations?

As always, thanks for reading, and God bless.



6 thoughts on “My Car CD Collection: Part 3

    • Right?! They’re both so good. In high school we used to have to run miles for gym class and my teacher always got so mad at me because I’d sneak my iPod into class and listen to the Arctic Monkeys while I ran. (I still hate running, even though I’m graduated and allowed to listen to my tunes now).

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