A Trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (With Pictures)

After patiently waiting for three and a half years (work and school just get in the way of me living my life to the fullest, or at least, the most fun) one of my good friends and I finally got to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

The museum was structured in 6 different floors, with each floor focusing on different ideas, topics and musicians. For example, one floor was divided between a video exhibit about MTV, a walk-through photo display of the evolution of portable music, and a wall display of Johnny Cash’s various music transformations.

There were an abundance of fascinating exhibits, but a few particularly stuck out to me. Of course anything U2-related caught my attention, but the exhibits of new materials for the 2017 inductees was a great way to start the museum. It was on the ground floor, right before any other exhibits. The ground floor was all walk-through with different branches veering off about costuming, production and stage presence.

My personal favourite in the exhibits were the top two floors. These floors are used for special exhibits throughout the year, and currently they were dedicated to “Rolling Stone”‘s 50th anniversary as a music journalism publication.

As someone who aspires to enter the fields of music journalism, I was absolutely enthralled with the artifacts and recorded interviews playing in the background. The final floor of the museum was a huge canvas of all the legendary “Rolling Stone” covers, with some videos playing in the background of huge artists talking about being featured on the cover (Mick Jagger and Taylor Swift, to name two).

On the other floor, there was everything from iconic photo shoot stills, edited copies of interviews with both US presidents and musicians, a video of different times “Rolling Stone” was mentioned in movies and historic ad campaigns. To name a few.

I took plenty of photos, and here’s a few that I thought turned out the best. Enjoy.

unnamed-1 copy

If something says the word “Zooropa,” I take a picture. Simple as that.


This car was on stage with Bono. Is it possible to be jealous of an automobile?


The class of 2017.


Freedom of speech and freedom of expression-let it protect music, too!


I’m not much of a Lennon gal, but even I can admit the man had some genius quotes.


Who really started punk, anyways? New York? London?


Greatest exhibit I found? Perhaps.


When you stumble upon something as adorable as Jim Morrison’s Boy Scout uniform, you take a picture.


Hip-hop and rap deserve a place in the Hall of Fame, too.


Wall of genius.


The man, the myth, the legend.


A fascinating video exploring how MTV impacted the American consciousness.


The Wall of Fame in the Hall of Fame.


Pictures from the early days of “Rolling Stone.”


A replica of the original office home of Jann Wenner’s music journalism brainchild.


To whom it may concern:


Happy birthday!


The top floor, and the most visually intriguing floor, to me.


When you spot the U2…


The exhibit guide is structured like the magazine’s table of contents. How cute!

Thanks for reading, and God bless.



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