A Spontaneous Moment in the Midnight Hour

Last week, I turned 20. This is a very surreal time in my life currently-I’m reflecting a lot on who I once was and who I am growing into as a person, as well as taking account of myself and my life and noting where I need to start making some changes. I also have been spending a lot of time lately reflecting on who God wants me to be, and how faith has been guiding me through my college experience.

Also turning 20 this year is Oasis’s album “Be Here Now.” I suppose you could call this the first album I ever heard-since it came out the year I was born, my dad would often play me “All Around the World,” and I grew up hearing songs life “D’you Know What I Mean?,” “Magic Pie” and “Be Here Now” frequently.

I work until midnight usually once a week, and a few days before my birthday last week, I had one of those shifts. After getting off, I decided to put on “All Around the World” and take a drive through my childhood neighborhood, past my old house where this album was played so often.

I felt overwhelmingly blessed as I drove through my city and past the house where my family raised me with so much love, kindness and good music. I’m so glad to have my parents and my brother to celebrate each birthday with me, and to support me along the way.

The power of music to transcend time never ceases to amaze me. And every time I hear “All Around the World,” I am transported mentally back to where it all began-both for my life journey, and for my love of music.

Thank you for reading, and God bless.



3 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Moment in the Midnight Hour

  1. Very underrated album be here now. I really loved it and the length of the songs were just fine by me. Your dad and saw them in pittsburgh in 1998 after the release. And of course they were great. They played I am the walrus which was cool although I like their cover of helter skelter better

    And I love you top 11 albums. One of these days I’ll send you mine. I’ve been thinking of them..so many to chose from but it’s interesting which ones you’d pick since your favorite might not be the most influential.

    Have a nice holiday


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    • Thanks for the comment and your kind words, Dad. I’d love to hear what your top 11 albums are. After the fact I thought that I should’ve put Strangeways Here We Come by The Smiths on there, but I love Queen is Dead so much.

      I also find Be Here Now to be pretty underrated. I always thought that Oasis were known for longer songs anyways, so I didn’t really find it to be any different. I don’t think it’s fair that it gets called “the moment when Britpop died.”

      Thanks for reading and see you soon.


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