The Top Ten Honorable Mentions of Lollapalooza 2k17 (According to Turntable Talk)

As promised on my Top Eleven that I posted earlier this week, here are my Top Ten Honorable Mentions of the Lollapalooza 2k17 lineup.

10.) Mondo Cozmo

An artists I want to hear based entirely off the strength of his breakout hit “Shine.” Every time I hear that song, with its larger-than-life rough and tumble acoustic delivery, I just have to laugh at how fun it is.

9.) Atlas Genius

If I had a dime for all the times that I listened to singles like “If So” and “Trojans” much too loudly in the school parking lot during my sophomore year of high school, I wouldn’t need to be working this summer. I wasn’t super crazy about “Molecules,” but the strength of the aforementioned two is enough to intrigue me about this band.

8.) Sylvan Esso

I never liked this duo’s breakout hit “Hey Mami,” but the success of “Radio” on the indie rock stations (which isn’t Lorde’s “Royals” but makes a blisteringly funny jab at the music industry that I like even more) has had me exploring their catalogue beyond just a superficial glance. And I like what I see.

7.) The Shins

Usually too mellow for my everyday listening, but I of course appreciate the success of “New Slang” and honestly, I kind of dig the new album. “Name for You” is a surprisingly upbeat and fun song and reminds me of how much I enjoyed “Simple Song” the first time I heard it.

6.) Capital Cities

Sometimes you come across an album that’s just pure indie-tronic dancey fun, and that’s exactly what this group’s 2013 debut “In a Tidal Wave of Mystery” was. And last year’s Bob Moses show convinced me you should always pursue the dancey fun in the Lolla lineup.

5.) Milky Chance

Something about the mellow but scruffy folk vibe of this group puts me both in the mind of being in a laid-back coffee shop with overstuffed couches and bookshelves and a hip wine bar in New York City at the same time. And I like it.

4.) Whitney

I feel like the dudes behind Whitney are just such sweethearts. They make music that is so pleasant to listen to and write songs of love and heartbreak so well. I just want to hug them all over again every time “Wherever We Go” comes on.

3.) Middle Kids

And yet another band I want to explore based off the one song I’ve heard. The front woman’s vocals on “Edge of Town” display such an impressive range that both the singer in me and the music fan in me is floored.

2.) Liam Gallagher

I know both Gallagher brothers don’t want their Oasis days dragged back out every time they release something new with their side projects, but Oasis played such a fundamental roll in my childhood that the chance to see a Gallagher live is something I can’t consider passing up.

1.) Lorde

Pop music’s dark horse captured my heart with 2013’s “Pure Heroine” with its spacy production and vibe and sparse instrumentation. Lorde’s gravelly low voice and erratic stage performance makes this a show I’d love to see if given the chance.

Where do these artists rank on your list of Lollapalooza must-sees?

Thanks for reading, and God bless.



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