TRACK REVIEW: Dent May’s “Picture on a Screen”

Dent May is back yet again this summer with another 70’s pop-rock inspired romance tune. “Picture on a Screen” is his latest single on the Carpark Records label and the accompanying lyric video, which dropped on YouTube today, may be the most Dent May-esque thing fans have yet to see.

From the 90’s AOL Internet noises that start the song along with some jubilant sounding percussion, I’m already in love with this track. The piano riff that continues through the track and the simple twangy guitar riff keep the song sounding vaguely tech-inspired, and the horn and string sections that sneak in throughout each chorus and build to a beautiful swell of instrumentation are probably the most catchy thing I’ve heard from a song trying to evoke a full orchestra sound this year.

The bass on this track is also full-on funky, brought into the mix just enough to be noticeable and groovy without being up so loud it’s obnoxious. I always appreciate this in a Dent May song; the mixing and production gives each instrument the perfect amount of balance without overpowering or overwhelming listeners. The song sounds full, crisp, colourful and bouncy.

The song doesn’t shy away from the computer theme either. May sings out lines like “Render yourself to me,” “…Your pixels like a dream” and “Madly imagining you look at me/Pretending this is reality.” The aforementioned computer noises keep the song at a perfect level of creativity that only Dent May could provide.

The only things I don’t really enjoy about the song is how hard May hits his r’s when singing words like “Dream” and “Screen”, and how the song slows down unexpectedly towards the end. After the energy of the tune, it kind of comes out of nowhere and seems unnecessary for the ending.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to May’s full-length “Across the Multiverse” dropping on August 18th. Here’s hoping the whole album is just as fun to listen to as this song.

Check it out here:

Thanks for reading, and God bless.




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