Follow me on Spotify!

For those who use Spotify on their laptop or phone, I’m looking for some new friends to share playlists and songs with. I’m almost always using the app, whether while editing for class, while doing research and sending emails at work, or at the gym or cleaning around the house. 

My username is aldavies-us and I use the same profile picture on there as I do on here.

I hope to soon be sharing tunes with you. And I hope your spring is going beautifully, and if you’re a student like me, it’ll all be over within a few weeks.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.


Happy Easter!

Just a short post to wish everyone out there who celebrates Easter a very happy day. And if you don’t celebrate Easter, a very happy Spring day and a relaxing Sunday to you.

I had the blessing of going home for the weekend, seeing my family, celebrating my mom’s birthday and catching up on new music with my dad. I’m back at school now for a few more weeks of classes and exams, and once summer comes, I’ll be updating much more regularly.

A very blessed day to you all. Thanks for reading, and God bless.