Lollapalooza 2017 Band Wishlist

For my fellow concert enthusiasts going to Lollapalooza, I hope the ticket purchasing process went smoothly for you today. I am happy to say it did for me, and I am officially going to Lollapalooza 2017!

In honor of the lineup dropping tomorrow morning at 7 (I live in Ohio, so I’m Eastern Time), I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 bands I’d love to see at Lolla 2017. This is based off of lists I’ve seen floating around the internet of rumored headliners, plus some of my own personal dream concerts. (We’ll see tomorrow morning if my dreams actually come true).

5.) Lorde

When “Royals” dropped in 2013, I was at first indifferent, then vehement I wouldn’t listen to it because the fanbase was so massive, and when I finally sat down and listened to “Pure Heroine” I realized that as usual when I’m an elitist about my music, I’m wrong. Lorde absolutely kills the pop game in my book, with her sparse production, synth waves and signature warbling alto. I’ve loved the two new singles-“Green Light” and “Liability”-and after seeing her SNL performance a few weeks back, I’m ready to see Lorde live.

4.) Muse

Another band I originally wrote off, and I still can’t believe I ever did. I got the chance to catch Muse live in 2013, and I was absolutely floored. Not only did the quality of musicianship completely impress me, but the stage presence and light show that goes with a Muse show is incredible. I’d love to see these guys in a festival setting, especially since I’m hearing that their performances are becoming more politically charged and vibrant than before.

3.) The Orwells

I’ve already praised these Chicago-based 20something garage rockers so many times on this blog, so I’ll keep this brief. The Orwells do a fantastic job of creating concise, banging rock songs with the occasional shockingly dark and sad lyric thrown in. Since I’ll be traveling for school when they’re in Pittsburgh, I figure a summer festival is the next best place to witness the punky, sneering swagger they bring to the stage.

2.) Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire will always hold a special place in my heart for being the first indie rock band I dug into the back catalog of and explored from back to front at the tender age of 13. Also, I wanted to be Regine Chassagne for the longest time after “The Suburbs” dropped. Also, “Rebellion (Lies)”might be my favourite song ever. Also, “My Body is a Cage” is one of the best closing tracks I’ve ever heard. A festival would be the best place to fall in love all over again with these eclectic masterminds.

1.) Car Seat Headrest

Of course! Are you really surprised after all I’ve said about these guys recently? I basically have to see Will Toledo and Co this summer and the videos from Pitchfork 2016 just aren’t enough. If I’m in the first row, the second row or even the back of the crowd, when I hear the first notes of “Fill in the Blank” (if I’m lucky, “Times to Die” or “Cosmic Hero”), it’ll definitely transform my summer into the best one I’ve had thus far. Time shall tell.

Who are you hoping for on the Lolla lineup tomorrow?

As always, thanks for reading, and God bless.



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