A Concert Update

I hope everyone is doing well and settling into the winter season as the first month of 2017 draws to a close. With the end of January I find myself determined to hold my resolutions for the new year, and also with quite an exciting update for my summer concert schedule.

You may’ve heard already that U2 is planning on touring “The Joshua Tree” album in its entirety worldwide this summer, and I am thrilled to say that I will be going to one of the shows for my second time seeing them live. U2 was one of my first favourite bands back when I was really getting into music and developing my own taste. I distinctly remember being assigned to read a biography of my choice as part of my reading class in 7th grade and choosing to read about Bono because of how much I admired his lyricism on early U2 releases (a very distinct memory of mine being the first time I learned the meaning behind the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and couldn’t focus on my lessons in school the next day because I kept playing the song over and over in my head). My first time seeing them-in 2011, on the U2 360 tour-is to this day on of the best nights of my life.

It may seem sacrilegious to say “The Joshua Tree” isn’t my favourite U2 album (I’m weird-I actually love their 90’s sound. Of course I think “Achtung Baby” is a masterpiece, and I actually really love “Zooropa” too. And “Boy” holds a special place in my heart), but I still can’t wait to hear songs like “In God’s Country” and “Trip Through Your Wires” live.

While I may not be nearly as much of a fanatic of a fan as I was when I was 13, I’m still thrilled to see the band that kickstarted my alt-rock fascination when I was a kid. I’ve definitely grown and matured since that 2011 show. Seeing again at a more mature and “adult” age a band that played such a crucial role in my adolescence will be a surreal experience, especially since I’m seeing them at the exact same venue with the exact same people. I eagerly await sharing about it on here and posting pictures.

Second in my summer concert lineup, and the night immediately after U2, I will be seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with two huge Nick Cave fans (my dad and his best friend). This show I’m excited about for several reasons. First, it’s the complete opposite of U2’s venue-Nick Cave will be playing in an indoor concert hall where I saw Morrissey a few years back, a much more intimate venue than the outdoor arena where U2 will be. I think this works perfectly for the moody, rumbling, melancholy approach Nick Cave takes to indie rock.

Second, Nick Cave has always been one of those artists that is an indie rock flagship I was told I would “appreciate when I was older,” and I think I’m finally old enough to do some deeper exploration into his influential and established history. I’ve been meaning to listen to more of his back catalogue because I think his lyrical style and musicianship is something I would appreciate. I’ve heard Cave doesn’t shy away from exploring dark themes and emotions in his music, which as a writer, is something I’ve loved in bands from The Smiths (one of my all-time favourite bands) to Joy Division to Arcade Fire to Car Seat Headrest and The Orwells. Hopefully the show will be a great introduction.

And, as I’ve said in a previous post, early next month I will be seeing Lucy Dacus and Hamilton Leithauser live in a smaller venue, which I’m very excited for. I’m especially anticipating Dacus’s set because I missed her at Lolla, I love her debut so much and seeing women and people around my age in indie rock makes me happy. I’ll be sharing pictures and reflections on that, too.

What shows will you be seeing this year? Any you are particularly excited for? Will you be seeing any of these artists on their summer tours?

As always, thank you for reading, and God bless you and yours.



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