Five Songs and Two Friends

I’m headed back to OWU from break today and thankfully I’ve gotten to spend some time with my friends while back at home. Through break I’ve been exposed/reintroduced to some fantastic songs through my friends because they’re music enthusiasts like myself, and just listening to certain songs frequently, and I wanted to share them on here.

1.) “Best Friend” by Dent May

I always seem to go back and investigate Dent May’s older stuff whenever he releases new music because it reminds me how catchy and vintage his sound is (I believe I described “Face Down in the Gutter of Your Love” to my friend as “If Brian Wilson got his heart broken and wanted to cover ‘Turn to Stone’ by Electric Light Orchestra”), but thankfully I’ve got a friend who listens to him frequently and exposed me to the artistic beauty that is the “Best Friend” music video. Dent May’s music is so genuinely him and his sense of artistic expression is so unapologetically weird that it’s hard not to sing along with what he creates. Watch the video here.

2.) “A Beginning Song” by The Decemberists

The first concert I ever saw (at the tender age of 13), The Decembrists will always hold a special place in my heart. I actually liked the “countryfied” folk sound of “The King is Dead,” but I am thrilled they went back to their nostalgic storytelling format on “What A Terrible World, What a Beautiful World” (albeit not as bombastic as the rock opera of “The Hazards of Love” or the theatrical production of “Picturesque”). Colin Meloy is an amazingly gifted writer and his encapsulations of emotion are perfectly written for his vocal style. This is a beautiful song composed of only 3 chords that I’m glad I rediscovered while driving through the countryside with my friend. Listen here.

3.) “Skiptracing” by Mild High Club

This is a lovely fusion of smooth jazz and yacht rock elements (two genres I don’t spend much time dabbling in, but my friend loves) and it’s something I could get the same chill, relaxed vibe from while in a beachside lounge or studying in the reading room. The phrase I keep thinking of to describe it is the indie rock version of elevator music. And I mean that in the best way possible. It’s three minutes and of a summer day. Watch the video here.

4.) “Ode to Viceroy” by Mac DeMarco

Slacker-rock Mac DeMarco has always been someone I enjoy, but the wonderfully weird and gory music video for “Passing Out Pieces” really won me over this summer. Some browsing around the Canadian indie rock corners of the internet led to my friend and I rediscovering this gem, which strangely reminds me of Oasis with its vocal delivery. The glazed, chiming guitars in the background remind me of a lazy portrait of a Saturday morning. Watch the music video here.

5.) “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore” by Lucy Dacus

I’ve been wanting to give this song a shoutout for a while now, partly because I love Matador Records and I’m thrilled Dacus is signed there and because what I’ve heard of her music is stellar. She’s got an earnest voice that’s perfect for her personal lyrics and I like the singer/songwriter indie rock vibe she’s got. Looking forward to seeing what she does next. Listen to her single here.

Thanks for reading. Have a great night. God bless.



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