Weekend Record Store Mini Haul

It’s currently Homecoming and Parents Weekend at the university I attend, so the campus has been full of alumni and family members. Since OWU is a reasonable distance from my hometown (2.5 hours), my dad came to visit yesterday and as usual, we went to the record store in town to pick up some new stuff.

I picked up a CD copy of “Everybody Wants” by The Struts because I’m still impressed by their performance at Lollapalooza this summer (I don’t really think it’s appropriate to say it was a concert; it was more of a small-scale theatrical show). I’d love to see them live again. It’s brash, in-your-face alt rock that reminds me ever so much of a modernized Queen. A friend of mine said The Struts reminds him of Jet, and I agree. It’s unapologetically loud and full of attitude. I recommend if you need some songs to scream along with on your way to work.

Dad got a CD copy of the new Pixies record, “Head Carrier.” He and his buddies are all huge Pixies fans, so he was pretty excited about it. As far as new Pixies work, I remember really enjoying “BAGBOY” when it came out around this time in 2013, and “Indie Cindy” was alright. Personally, I like the older stuff with Kim Deal, but I understand when it’s time for artists to move on and that in-band fighting can be detrimental. Honestly, I’m just amazed when artists like New Order and Pixies can keep cranking out music, especially after coming back from hiatus. I look forward to listening to/hearing his thoughts on the record when I go home for break next week.

Have you listened to either of these albums? What did you think?

As always, thanks for reading, and God bless. Have a great week.



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