Anticipated Releases: August and September 2016

Greetings friends and welcome to another post of Turntable Talk. Some bands I enjoy have albums with approaching release dates coming up, and I wanted to do a brief rundown of some records on my radar for this month and early September.

1.) “Sunlit Youth” by Local Natives; out 9 September.

I’ve always enjoyed a good Local Natives single when it came on on my satellite radio, but after this groups’s Lollapalooza show this year, I’m psyched for this record to drop. While I’ll admit I’m not crazy about the leading single “Fountain of Youth” (a bit too simple lyrically for my liking), the other single “Past Lives” has some excellent subtile harmony and percussion work. I’m anxious to see if the same funky guitars and energetic vocals I saw live carry over to the studio.

2.) “This Album Does Not Exist” by Dreamers; out 26 August.

I’ve known since Dreamer’s breakout single “Wolves (You Got Me)” last summer that I wanted this record. Another band that blew me away at Lolla, Dreamers manages to tap into that alt rock/garage rock sound that I enjoy so much in early Strokes and Cage the Elephant releases. While the very clean production on the singles I’ve heard thus far keep it from sounding as brash as a White Stripes record, I think this will be a nice bit of alt-rock fun with some good lyrics here and there about adolescent reflections on life.

3.) “MY WOMAN” by Angel Olsen; out 2 September.

I’ll be honest with you here; I know all of two songs by Angel Olsen: “Forgiven/Forgotten” and “Shut Up Kiss Me.” I’m making this purchase on a whim, based solely on the fact that I love the catchiness of “Shut Up Kiss Me” and the playful, flirty, sincere vibe I get from the lyrics. If you know anything about Angel Olsen’s other music, please, feel free to educate me in the comments.

4.) “How To Be A Human Being” by Glass Animals; out 26 August.

I don’t know what happened. I didn’t really get into Glass Animals’ stuff they were releasing in 2014, writing it off as not really my cup of tea. And then this summer they start releasing these percussion based, layered, wonderfully produced tracks like “Youth” and “Life Itself” and now I’m totally into it. Maybe I just didn’t give them a fair chance before, but these tracks are SO FUN to listen to and I hope the rest of the album is too. All of the danceable riffs make me think that this band would be incredible live. Glass Animals, you might just have yourself a brand new fan.

That’s all I have for now. What are your thoughts on these upcoming releases? What records are you excited for? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you so much for reading, and God bless.



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