Lolla in Brief: Day 4

What a great wrap up to a weekend of performances. Starting off the day was Oh Wonder, a chillwave outfit adorned with fuzzy bass and the usual breathy, distorted lyrical delivery of most keyboard-heavy bands. I feel like they’d sound amazing through a set of good headphones so I could catch each syncopation of the beat and production nuance. Their frontwoman was simply delightful.

(Above: Peeved Paul is prepared to enjoy an Oh Wonder show).

Next up was a an emerging three-person Brooklyn, NYC outfit called Dreamers. They made some great noisy garage rock that, while following a standard formula, did so without ripping off The Strokes or White Stripes or Cage the Elephant. It was both refreshing and fun to sing along to, and I look forward to their debut album dropping on August 26.

(Above: The gents of Dreamers and the frontman’s lovely “Pluto: Never Forget” shirt).

And then came Local Natives. On a previous post I put these guys on my Honorable Mentions list for bands I wanted to see at Lolla. What a mistake. They’re a must see. I think of them as a sort of indie-rock Beatles: Like the Beatles in their early years, the songs sound similar, but that’s not a bad thing. It just means the formula is working. They also switch around on who takes the lead vocal and a few appeared to be multi-instrumentalists. And while they did bring politics into the show for a bit (and I’m not really a fan of when artists start preaching politics, regardless of side and myself being political), I’m always in favour of free speech and it was still such a fantastic set.

(Above: Frontman of Local Natives jumps down into the crowd as the flag of Chicago flies overhead).

Next was some fun with the wonderful Haim sisters. These ladies did NOT disappoint. Besides getting the entire crowd involved in the show, they also debuted two new songs, got nostalgic about seeing Lolla in 2007 and paid tribute to Prince. And their stage presence was electric. All three sisters seemed to be having the time of their lives.

(Above: Este Haim drums along with her sisters Danielle and Alana).

But the main event was surely LCD Soundsystem. I could talk about every aspect of an LCD Soundsystem song that appeals to me and how it transfers to the main stage, but I kind of can’t use words to describe this show. I think it’s just best to picture a huge group of people who’ve never met joining together for a truly euphoric, magical synth rock dance party and having the time of their lives. It was a blessed experience, and I feel so happy to’ve been a part.

(Above: LCD Soundsystem mid-set).

I hope you all had a lovely Lollapalooza 2016. Let me know your thoughts/what your favourite artists were!

If you have to travel to get back home, travel safely and soundly. Thank you for reading, and God bless.

Till next post,



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