Lolla in Brief: Day 3

(Above: The Chicago skyline from the centre of Grant Park).

Today was a day full of sonic jams. Most of which was harder rocking, but to start was the folky Mumford and Sons-esque Strumbellas. 

(Above: Strumbellas performing their final song on the Lake Shore stage).

Strumbellas drew a decent crowd considering their “early” time slot (12 p.m.). They’re simple happy summer music, which gives them their wide appeal. What stuck out the most to me was their grim lyrics that feature a definite optimism and hope for the future, friendly stage presence and some good strings.

And then came the act I’ve been waiting four years for, The Joy Formidable. And I must say, it was worth the wait. I was in the second row from the gate separating the stage from the crowd. This show was incredibly loud and despite just being three people, the band created a powerful fusion of bass, guitar and drum. There was so much energy in every member’s performance. You could tell they were losing themselves in the music.

(Above: Only two rows back from the three-person Joy Formidable, performing on the Bud Light stage).

Next was Lollapalooza’s own Perry Farrell in Jane’s Addiction. First of all, seeing the perpetually smiling creator of such a great fest taking control of the stage was an experience in itself. And this show will be something I remember for a long time. It was basically like listening to your closest friends jam out on their guitars in their garage while acrobats performed and fireworks went off in the background. And that is met as an extremely high compliment.

(Above: Perry playing with a speaker during Jane’s Addiction on the Samsung stage).

Closing the night was the one and only Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their set was primarily their hits, which I thought was perfect. It was a solid festival set and watching so many RHCP fans singing along and dancing to the songs made the entire day worth it. Their light show and screen display (a semicircle screen surrounded by four smaller circles that showed the same image) was also entertaining to watch. And of course Flea’s onstage antics (like doing handstands) got the crowd fired up.

(Above: Red Hot Chili Pepper’s screen display from the middle of the audience).

Thanks for reading! Time to get excited for the final day of Lollapalooza, friends.

As always, God bless.



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