Last Post ’till Lolla

The 25th anniversary of bringing quality tunes to life is almost upon us, my friends. And in the midst of watching South Park and doing things I was too irresponsible to do earlier this week, like laundry and grocery shopping, I figured I’d better publish a quick post before leaving for Lolla.

I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon for Chicago, so I’ll be right in the city when the festivities kick off Thursday afternoon.

I’ll be posting pictures of my Lolla experience on Instagram if you’d like to follow along; my username is aldaviez7 (there’s a link to my account under my About page).

I hope everyone has safe travels and a wonderful time celebrating four days of great independent and alternative rock music! Can’t wait to be blogging about all the swell times that are to come this weekend.

And now, my friends, I am quite worn out from a long day of work. May you have sweet dreams and be well rested for a weekend of righteous tuneage. Get ready!

As always, thanks for reading, and God bless.



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