Track Review: Dent May’s “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love”

Rejoice, friends! The endearingly nerdy and painfully honest Dent May is back with a single that sports a title only he could come up with, “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love.” And from the opening sunshiny piano chords, it is a simply delightful summer stroll down musical memory lane.

The track officially went live on Wednesday, July 20 and is currently streaming across the internet. I first heard it this past weekend after work when it world premiered on Sirius XMU’s (channel 35 on Sirius XM satellite radio) Download 15 playlist.

On the surface, Dent May’s new tune is a poppy track about unrequited love (a topic his lyrics are certainly no stranger to); a plea to that one special someone to stop hanging you out to dry by being oblivious to your advances.

What makes the track so compelling are the layers on layers of nostalgic musical elements, from the chord progressions, to the guitar flourishes over top of the piano, to the chorus which is so singsongy with its repetition of the song’s title.

Additionally, Dent May does a great job of borrowing elements of 60’s and 70’s pop rock tunes on this single, which is especially evident while he is hitting the high notes in a very Brian Wilson-esque way throughout the track (but especially on the chorus). He also features a great vocoder bit during the back of the track and some string touches that would fit fantastically on Electric Light Orchestra’s 1977 magnum opus “Out of the Blue.”

What I love so much about Dent May is how realistic his songs are. They make you see and feel things from the perspective of the lyricist, and the accompanying music always corresponds to said emotions. He’s not afraid to be honest and write songs that make real people realize that it’s ok to love, it’s ok to be lonely, it’s ok to be discontent and wish for something more in life.

I think that’s why I enjoy this song so much. It brings back that musical era I was born too late to witness, with it’s harmonized love songs and psychedelic pop tunes. It gives me a glimpse into the emotion those songs evoked in the young adults of their day. It is a window to the past that fits snugly into the independent rock of today, and even more excitingly, Dent May’s discography. I look forward to hearing what else he’s going to release on Carpark Records.

As always, thanks for reading. Here’s a link to the song!

God bless.



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