Morning Routine Playlist

Hello hello my friends. This summer I’ve been doing quite a bit of walking each morning in my neighborhood. Partially for fitness, partially to do some brainstorming for a few writing projects, partially to ponder my life decisions and other fun things of that nature, but (and let’s be honest here) mostly to listen to music. Obviously.

And, of course, certain songs are working their way into my usual lineup more than they usually do. Which got me thinking about creating a playlist specifically devoted to my morning stroll and all the fun sights I see (which is usually just a few squirrels and some landscapers and my neighbor’s Yorkie but still, lots of fun sights).

My lineup can be pretty eclectic given what mood I’m in, or what songs have similar tonality to other ones, or wanting to have a good mix of “sad” sounding songs with “happy” sounding songs. Additionally, (as you’ll see by the inclusion of Alex Chilton by The Replacements in my list) while most of the music comes from the past 10-ish years, I don’t generally try to focus on a particular time period. I also don’t try to keep it all “indie” or “alt-rock.” But, I think this makes the playlist I’ve created a unique mix of tunes to start the day with.

So, here it is, my Morning Routine playlist…

  1. Two Weeks-Grizzly Bear
  2. Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales-Car Seat Headrest
  3. Ophelia-The Lumineers
  4. Something to Believe In-Young the Giant
  5. The Oil Slick-Frightened Rabbit
  6. Just One of the Guys-Jenny Lewis
  7. Wednesday Night Melody-Bleached
  8. The Last Thing on My Mind-The Joy Formidable
  9. Put Your Money on Me-The Struts
  10. You Only Live Once-The Strokes
  11. Your Best American Girl-Mitski
  12. Bury It-Chvrches
  13. Alex Chilton-The Replacements
  14. All I Know-Washed Out
  15. Good Grief-Bastille


Thanks for reading. God bless.



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